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About Us

Fire Fighter Co. is a leading Giants and at the estate level in the field of fire-fighting equipment, which extends its Dubai and Sharjah and the company undertakes to work hard and savior through a working group is characterized by professional and academic experience in the field of high security and fire safety with the presence of technical staff and management at a high level of professional competence and carry the company undertook in collaboration with the Department of Civil Defense to reduce disasters cause by fire and arms with latest technology reached by international companies in ways to combat the fire and eliminate the dangers caused.

Fire Fighter Co. also introduce the Construction, Supply and installation of Central LPG system. Manpower has at all times poised to get the right man with right qualification, experience and aptitude of the right jobs. A company such as yours is backbreaking and at times impossible to find. Esteemed having exacting standards of prompt loyalty, dedication, confidence etc. Standard that have taken years to perfect creating more jobs that are to be filled with people who match the standards already placed within the organization. This is where Fire Fighter Co. Security and Safety Equipment steps in leading Electro Mechanical Services has at all the times executed the jobs with the right workers specified at the best possible cost and the least possible time.

Our Vision

To establish Power Centre General Trading as the leader in its field. Honesty and integrity across all aspects of our business. Continuous improvement in all areas with focus on health, safety, environment and employee development and recognition.

Our Mission

Our sole aim is to supply a comprehensive range of best quality products at best prices to ensure complete satisfaction of our clients.